Social Impact Data

At the social enterprise I lead we measure our social impact in a number of ways including some good old fashioned number crunching. Did you know that between July 2010 and July 2015 SEED employed 67 people, 47 (70%) of whom have been long term unemployed and/or marginalized from mainstream employment; during that time we earned almost $2Million in income from trade; paid $780,000 to, and created over 32,500 hours of employment for people who had previously been long term unemployed and/or marginalized. During this time SEED facilitated payments of $191,600 in PAYG tax to the federal government.

Many of our employees from a long term unemployed and/or marginalized may not have been employed elsewhere due to, in some cases mental illness, addictions, or disabilities. The above data shows that social enterprises create real economic and social value in the communities in which they operate, and for the state and federal governments. 

It is vital that social enterprises are able to articulate their outcomes through good use of data. And, its not just hard, quantitative employment data. At SEED we have also measured our social impacts via a 2011 Social Return on Investment (SROI), a 2013 Social Impact Assessment (SIA), and as it’s now 2015 and we committed to bi-annual reporting, we have just completed a new SIA and are awaiting the final report from the University of Queensland’s Masters in Development Practice course.

  I look forward to sharing more results and stories when they come in.

‪#‎socialEnterprisePays‬ ‪#‎socialEnterpriseWorks‬SEED SOCIMP 2010-2015 FY

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