I was elected Chair of the Social Enterprise peak body

Last week I was re-elected for my third term as Chair of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council, the first and only representative, member driven body for social enterprise in Australia. Established in 2012 QSEC exists to support the development of a vibrant, innovative and capable social enterprise sector in Queensland that is sufficiently resourced and supported to achieve high social, cultural and environmental impact. I am humbled to be given the support and encouragement of my peers whom I admire and am constantly inspired by; their support enables me to lead the Council to put social entrepreneurs centre stage and create change towards a more ethical, just world.
The appetite for social enterprise in Queensland has gathered momentum in the past decade as Government and the community sector have recognised that funding for Not-for-Profit organisations is finite; and the desire and ability of the for-profit business sector to provide employment for hard to employ groups, and address wide-ranging social and environmental concerns is limited at best and impossible at worst.
QSEC currently has 70 members ranging from small sole operator start-ups to large NFP’s with trading enterprise arms such as FSG, Youth and Family Service (YFS), and HELP Enterprises.
QSEC is an incorporated body led by a management committee of dedicated social entrepreneurs and associates, and at the AGM last week a creative, strong, experienced team of social entrepreneurs were elected to the board: Myself as Chair, Amelia Salmon Vice Chair, Richard Warner Secretary, Grant Williams Treasurer, and committee members Mark Power, Robin Dick, James Boreham, Tony Sharp, Amanda Cahill. The board will be supported by Associates who will be announced after the first board meeting.
We have adopted a shared Vision with Social Enterprise UK for “a world where social enterprise is the usual way of doing business”. And, we have a plans for an exciting 2015 including partnerships with the Qld Government, publishing new writing, and putting on several dynamic events.
Join us in developing this exciting sector, with affordable membership rates, and benefits including data base listing, and legitimacy for your social enterprise with purchasers in the government, corporate, and Not for Profit sectors http://www.qsec.org.au/register/


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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