Social Enterprise Book Launch

We recently had a fabulous night at uber cool Brisbane bar John Mills Himself launching our collective effort to tell the story of Social Enterprise; once again showing the importance of collaboration in this exciting sector led by the Queensland Social Enterprise Council 

The chapter I co-authored tells the story of the social enterprise I lead and unpacks social enterprise and community practice. 

There’s a great photo set on the Social Enterprise Council’s facebook page 

Generation Next: Becoming Socially Enterprising  opens the door to the possibilities of social enterprise, harnessing students’ idealism and desire to ‘make a difference’. The book is organised around three key questions: Why should I care?, What could I do?, and What should I know? and provides an overview of issues, theories and practical knowledge that enables students to understand the world of the 21st Century and to be equipped to participate as active citizens. It explores the key themes of social justice, human rights and cultural awareness through practical, real life Australian/Pacific case studies.


Key features

  • Case studies and interviews throughout the book help illustrate the principles discussed, as well as show examples of the possibilities of social enterprise.  
  • ‘Spotlight on …’ feature boxes illuminate a particular idea, practice or person.
  • Research questions offer an opportunity for an inquiry-based learning process where further information, ideas and theory can be gathered. 
  • Class exercises provide a starting place for problem-based learning. 

You can read more about the book and purchase a copy here


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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