Dear Mum …

This week I wrote this letter to my Mum in England to accompany the clipping below from the local paper (yep, she doesn’t email, tweet, facebook, or instagram so our communications are via landlines or the trusty pen and paper)

Dear Mum
Thought I’d send you this great story on SEED; not only about being shortlisted for a social enterprise of the year award but also a story about a woman I employ called Yeshi. The first paragraph sums up my goals in social enterprise: enabling people to make their own lives better:

“When times are tough, one job can change lives. The day Bald Hills’ Sintayehu Mekonnen heard her Mother would start work with SEED was the day her life started to change for the better”

This is what I love about social enterprise; it’s not a charity model (giving blindly and dis-abling people through dependence). We say “we’ll give you a job, and some support to sustain that job, but ultimately ‘you’ have the power to turn your life around”.

It is also a political act in that by building the social enterprise sector I am helping the economy to be less selfish; to think more deeply about the profit motive; and to think about how their business practices effect people and planet.

If all business thought like this, there would have been no GFC.


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