my current booklist

I’m always reading at least one non fiction book, I rarely finish them however; I get too bored and distracted and so try and glean as much wisdom and learning from the first half to three quarters of the book as possible. I know I’m probably missing the gold at the end but that’s the way I’ve always read – rarely getting to the end of a book.

My current trio of books I’m reading is Manage your day to day: build routine, find your focus & sharpen your creative mind Ed’ J K Glei of 99U. Its a truly fascinating book written by and for creative minds on accomplishing more in your day. I’m hoping it will help me actually re-learn how to finish a worthy book in its entirety; and teach me methods for making my days in social enterprise more productive. I’ve already started a new routine from reading a few chapters; my day goes like this (to be refined over the next few months as I learn more and see how it works for me) – 8.30am – 9am scan email on mobile phone (I’m using my iPhone so it means I just scan for urgent requests and dont get bogged down in reading long emails – I wont read more than a couple of lines on a small screen); 9am – 12.30pm creative time – reading, writing, selling, dreaming, team-building, leading; 12.30pm – 1pm lunch; 1pm – 4pm meetings; 4pm – 5.30pm emails, follow ups from meetings, staff time, catch ups etc. This will be an interesting experiment!

My second book, put slightly on hold by my engagement in the first, is Seth Godin’s Tribes; I’m really interested in leading the social enterprise movement and successfully engaging a tribe around using business principles to solve complex social problems.

My third book is the excellent The Blair Years by Tony Blairs Press Secretary Alastair Campbell. These diaries of Campbell’s time with Blair has taught me the usefulness of keeping a journal (which I do) and the vital importance of staying on message, something Iam training my team to do right now.

So for the next few weeks I have these trio of books to keep me entertained and learning; as I read through Manage your day to day and glean new tactics I’ll make sure I write them up here.


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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