Social Enterprise Manifesto launched in Brisbane

Last night I helped launch the Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Alliance’s Social Enterprise Manifesto in Brisbane. The launch was hosted by Social Ventures Australia (SVA), and included brief presentations by myself as Chair of the Qld Social Enterprise Council, Susan Black SVA, David Brookes Social Traders, and Yvonne Strachan who spoke about the quite amazing things the Scottish Government have been doing since 2007.

A great mix of people from a wide range of sectors including government purchasers, NFP’s interested in social enterprise, sole social entrepreneurs, financiers, and intermediaries came to the launch.

from the Alliance website

About the Alliance
The Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Alliance (the Alliance) is a network of fifteen organisations that have been meeting quarterly since early 2010. These meetings facilitate the exchange of knowledge and practice of CEOs and senior leaders of organisations that are committed to the development of social enterprises, and mechanisms for supporting the growth of the social economy in Australia. Each organisation focuses on specific dimensions of the social economy including social finance and investment, capacity building, promotion and research.

A major strength of the Alliance is that it facilitates diverse views and approaches to social enterprise development. Participating organisations unite around the need and desire to grow social enterprise in Australia.

It is this plurality of views and approaches that has led to the Alliance’s success to date, and will continue to enable a diverse and prosperous social economy.

You can download a copy of this Australian manifesto at

Picture: Steve Williams QSEC Chair, Susan Black SVA, Yvonne Strachan Scottish Government and David Brookes Social Traders launched the Social Enterprise Manifesto in Brisbane tonight. Find out more<



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