We held a fundraiser to help rebuild fishing boats and communities devastated by Typhoon Haiyan

A couple of weeks ago we held a fundraiser at a local bar for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan which wreaked havoc in the Philippines in November. I pulled this event together because I had a personal connection to the disaster recovery efforts.

Earlier this year the Brisbane social enterprise I run, SEED, hosted a Filipino student, Anya Lim from the University of Queensland. Anya was responsible for the much publicised Growing SEED’s of Change marketing campaign and was a valued and highly regarded member of the SEED team. On graduation Anya returned to Cebu in the Philippines and took charge of her own social enterprise there Anthill Fabric Gallery, which supports local women through craft enterprises. Within a few months, Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippine archipelago leaving behind a trail of death and devastation.

Within hours of the typhoon hitting land Anya had formed a group to coordinate and distribute relief packages which she called Bundles of Joy directly into affected areas. Anya, having worked for UNICEF Philippines and World Vision Australia Cebu, used her skills in community development and understanding local conditions to get relief to victims incredibly quickly and effectively.

So, I decided to do something collectively to raise money for her organisation, and jointly with a local laneway bar, the Cardigan Bar we hosted an evening of live music.


Chris Fisher – Owner of the Cardigan Bar, and me

We raised an increadible $1,300 in just a few hours, and donated the money directly to Anya who dispersed the majority to the Back to Sea Project, a grassroots effort of concerned local individuals who want to connect the fishermen of Bantayan back to their livelihood by helping them buy materials to rebuild their small fishing boats.




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