Today we launched the Queensland Social Enterprise Council


Today was a momentous day in the development of the social enterprise sector in Queensland, in fact in Australia as a whole. Today we launched the Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC) at Queensland University of Technology’s Centre for Philanthropy and Non Profit Studies, which is part of the university’s business school.

QSEC has been a ten year journey of learning and development of a sector that creates social change. Ten years of history of social entrepreneurs and changemakers working collectively in Queensland to create solutions to environmental / cultural / social problems using enterprising means has led to the first and only democratically elected peak body of its kind in Australia.

QSEC exists in order to:
•Represent and promote social enterprise
•Provide a forum for discussion between social enterprises
•Carry out research into social enterprises
•Publish and speak on social enterprises
•Encourage the development of mechanisms such as social procurement and social enterprise funding, for the advancement of social enterprises

I truly think we are on the cusp of massive change in the way government, the corporate sector, and the NFP sector do business and relate to each other. We know that consumers are looking for ethical businesses to do business with and we know that Governments worldwide want to look at how and why they fund the Not for Profit sector. Social enterprises can fulfil these needs; ethical businesses doing business that creates revenue streams within the NFP sector, and creating social outcomes.

In addition I think a major growth stream in the sector will actually come from private entrepreneurs wanting to grow businesses that have social, environmental, or cultural impact. It will be interesting to see how they create social change free from constraints of corporate culture or NFP structures.

Anyway, today was a real energiser and I’m looking forward to continuing to work collaboratively and collectively co-creating change in Queensland!

Check out for more info.


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