Social enterprise a form of activism

Billy Bragg said this on Brisbane radio last week. I’m a social entrepreneur as a form of social activism.



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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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2 Responses to Social enterprise a form of activism

  1. dancarins says:

    Maybe, but Michael Sandel also says monetising services previously provided collectively degrades them. So social enterprises degrade services where they replace those previously provided collectively through the state.

    So yes, but with huge caveats.

    • Thanks for your comment, I dont know who Michael Sandel is but I would argue that many if not the majority of social enterprises dont monetize services previously provided collectively and thus degrade them. For example the Social Enterprise I lead simply provide Gardening and Cleaning services competing with commercial firms, our social benefit is derived from the employment we create. No one was providing this type of service collectively previously. This would be true for many social enterprises currently operating in Australia. Check out for more info

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