The book I’ve contributed to is to be published next year

I’m so happy that I received a letter in the mail yesterday from Oxford University Press informing me that the chapter I co-authored earlier this year is to be published in June 2014.

It’s a big thing for me. My comprehensive school in England wouldn’t let me sit my English GCSE and subsequently I left school ungraded in English. I left formal education at 15 and went to work in a corner store in Thatcher’s Britain where it was a crime to be working class, where opportunity was only afforded to privately educated children, and where greed and wealth were celebrated.

These are the developmental factors in my life, and why I love social enterprise. It’s a model that enables marginalised people to participate in employment and the economy. Many of the staff at the social enterprise I lead have not been able to sustain employment in the past due to the fact that mainstream businesses and entrepreneurs care more about private capital than social capital. This model allows progressive business people to turn the system on its head, and I love it for that.



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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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