SEED’s fantastic launch!!!


Last friday we launched our “Growing SEED’s of Change” Campaign designed by Anya Lim as a way to help stakeholders tell the stories of change that are created when people are given employment at our social enterprise. By sharing stories with a large range of stakeholders we aim to encourage word of mouth referrals and a wider group of supporters spreading the word about SEED and social enterprise.

The campaign started by our team taking a chalkboard to many different stakeholders and asking them to complete the following sentence “I am growing the SEED of………” to describe the ‘change’ they are creating.

We then used the pictures in an exhibition at the launch (pictured). We also created postcards with the pictures and will distribute them as thank you cards to customers and supporters.

We had many amazing participants appearing in our photo exhibition, including Kerry Millard MP who wrote “I am growing the SEED of Shared Values”; Botros a SEED Gardener who wrote “I am growing the SEED of helping people”; and Chi a social work student who wrote “I am growing the SEED of giving”.

Pictured clockwise from top left – Photo Exhibition. Crowd at the launch. Steve Williams (thats me!) SEED Manager, and Anya Lim SEED Intern and social entrepreneur from Anthill Fabric Gallery. Chi Mudzi SEED Social Work Student on placement.


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