SEED featured in a new non-profit website

Wendy Love today launched her new enterprise, providing stories from the non-profit world. SEED was featured as one of the first articles. Good luck to Wendy on her new venture!

When social entrepreneur Steve Williams left his community development job at a non-profit to start a couple socially-minded companies of his own, he had no idea he’d be back a few years later to apply what he’d learn from the business world to solve one of society’s big questions: how to supply jobs to the disadvantaged and long-term unemployed.

Williams had an ah ha moment in 2007 that made him leave Sandbag, a not-for-profit community group in a coastal community north of Brisbane. He says he realised, “Wow! Business actually has the potential to create the answers to some social and environmental problems—and you can make some money out of it at the same time.”

In 2010, after having relative success with his environmentally-friendly paint business he returned to Sandbag to manage its new social enterprise arm, SEED Parks and Property Maintenance. SEED offers commercial landscaping, residential gardening and commercial cleaning services. It’s considered a social enterprise—a company that operates for a social purpose—because it employs people whose situations make it difficult to find work in traditional businesses.

Now at the helm of a growing company, Williams, a passionate Brit from Brighton, England, sought what all companies do: to win more contracts with customers in order to help more at-risk people gain employment.


About stevewilliams1901

Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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