Here’s an article from the ABC on the radio interview I did with Steve Austin earlier this week

Tackling unemployment through social enterprise
Steve Williams is an employer with a difference, providing jobs for people who otherwise have trouble finding work.

Lifting locals out of poverty

Mr Williams says a simple job often makes the biggest difference to someone living in poverty.
“I always think that the easiest way to lift somebody out of poverty is to give them a job, that’s a no-brainer,” he says.
“But what we know is that it’s not so easy to simply give somebody a job who’s been long-term unemployed for a number of reasons.”
He says people commonly underestimate the challenges that people face after being unemployed for long periods.
“We employ a lot of people who have come to this country as refugees,” he said.
“They may have spent 10 years in African refugee camps. They come to Australia, they can’t just walk into a job. They often have English-language skills issues, and they may be traumatised.
“Those people want work but it’s just that we don’t have the structures currently to provide them with work.”
More: Listen to Steve Williams speak with ABC Brisbane Mornings presenter Steve Austin.

Read the whole article here

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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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