Forget about even a one page biz plan!

Thanks to Robert Pekin from Food Connect for sharing this:

if you want to become an entrepreneur, don’t start with a business plan. You don’t need experience or money either, according to Belgian entrepreneur Gunter Pauli, who has set up
10 companies. What you need is an open mind. Also handy is an eye toward what is locally available, like waste you can turn into something else. Pauli will share his contagious enthusiasm about entrepreneurship; tell stories of people who started their own companies without experience, money or business plans; and offer lots of practical advice about how you can become part of this revolution.

About The Blue Economy
“The world has been wracked by food, fuel, environmental, financial and economic crises. Ecosystem and biodiversity loss has led to an emerging climate crisis and a looming natural-resource calamity. A blue economy, able to deal systematically with these many challenges, and ready to seize the manifest multiple opportunities, is now essential.” –Achim Steiner, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme
“The blue economy fosters our transition from a product-based economy to a system-based economy. Such a cultural leap requires all of us to see—and move beyond—the connections that have gone into an obvious core business strategy subject to market tyranny.” –Dr. Catia Bastioli, Chief Executive Officer at Novamont S.p.a, European Inventor of the Year 2007


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