“Sowing the seeds of action and hope, for feminism and food sovereignty!”

My friends and fellow social entrepreneurs at Food Connect helped raise $$$ to send a delegation of Australian farmers to the La Via Campesina International gathering in Jakarta

Cheers of “Hooray for peasant women! We are the mothers of food sovereignty!” launched the IV Women’s Assembly of La Vía Campesina. The memory of María do Fetal, who died last year as a victim of violence, has been taken up again at this Assembly, which will also stress the importance of ending violence against women of the country and the city.

Today began a day of debate, in which more than 300 peasant women from every corner of the world have gathered, and in which the context of the crisis and capitalism and its consequences for women were analyzed.

Following the conferences in India in 2000, Brazil in 2004 and Mozambique in 2008, the meeting in Indonesia will focus on patriarchy, feminism and the construction of a peasant-based and popular feminism that recognizes the diversity of the women who are part of La Vía Campesina. Today begin two days of significant debate over their fights, their challenges and their aspirations, under the slogan “Sowing the seeds of action and hope, for feminism and food sovereignty!”


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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