Robert Pekin at Brisbane’s March Against Monsanto


Robert calling for people to quit their corporate and government jobs and start up their own social enterprises. Love his style. When I graduated as a mature age student (28 years old hardly seems ‘mature age’ anymore!) I swore I would never work for anyone who made a profit from my labour again. And, apart from a couple of months when I’ve painted houses as an employee, out of desperation to keep the wolves from the door I have kept that promise. I have only ever worked either for myself in my own businesses, or for Not for Profit community organisations where profits are kept in the community. My maxim is community profit over individual profit; social capital over private capital.

Lets start the quit your job movement and encourage people to engage in ethical industries, become artisans, self employed business owners, social entrepreneurs, farmers, manufacturers of goods that actually matter and make a difference to people’s lives.

Its not that profit is bad, its that profit at all cost is bad. And, thats what 99.99% of corporations are about, maximising shareholder value at the expense (usually) of the poor and the environment – witness the building collapse of the textile factory in Bangladesh claiming hundreds of lives. And then these corps buy off their critics with CSR policies which although they generate some good, do not redress the inequality caused by bad practice in the first place.

Neither is employing people and profiting from their labour in itself bad, but again its what is done to employees in the name of generating profit, and then what the business owner / corporation does with that profit.

So, the way to be autonomous and authentic, AND be part of the solution to inequality and environmental destruction is to start your own social enterprise (just be prepared for a long hard slog, little pay, less sleep, and a great ride!).


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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