“Liam Black has a solemn warning for those who let ego and exclusivity cloud their social – and business – judgement.”

The best post ever written on social enterprise. Lets talk more about class and power, and less about heroes and egos.

<em>The social entrepreneur PR industry grows all the time and is hungry for content and personalities. This is dangerous and results in people being hailed as saviours and game changers when their business models are nowhere near proven – still less the damaging, unintended consequences known and understood

The recent collapse of the Create Foundation is a sobering example for you Jude. Multi award winning – a Big Society exemplar no less, lauded by Bullingdon Boy Numero Uno himself – and yet it went down like a house of cards because of flaws in its business strategy which I’m sure Cameron wasn’t briefed about. 

Skoll et al have brought many great things to the sector and their contributions to the developing eco-system are huge. But the creation of a super league of A-List celebrity social entrepreneurs, networking, dining behind the VIP curtain is not without its contradictions and problems.

Certain of those A-Listers are bullshitters and narcissists whose mission is themselves. I have looked behind the scenes of a few of their ventures and the mismatch between rhetoric and reality is stark – as is the misalignment between personal lifestyle and public stance about the poor and oppressed.

by Liam Black is co-founder of Wavelength.


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