a social enterprise tour


Today I went on a social enterprise tour which took in Substation 33 a new social enterprise collecting and processing ewaste and employing long term unemployed in a disadvantaged part of Logan (Qld Australia). Tony Sharp the manager came out with three tweetable quotes

“its not about the ewaste, its about the people”
“land banks are the banks of the future”
and “in America they’re urban mining”

We also visited the famous and wonderful Food Connect and heard from the founder Robert Pekin who told us the history of the business and his concern that the general population has lost connection with nature and this is affecting the way we eat. Emma Kate Rose, General Happiness Manager at Food Connect explained to the tour party that the two dominant supermarkets in Australia will only buy 30% of a farmers crop due to the perceived lower quality of food that has slight surface blemishes. Food Connect buys the food the supermarkets wont buy and sells to conscious consumers thus supporting the farmer and saving good food from being ploughed back into the land.

We wrapped the tour up with lunch supplied by Hale Foods at the amazing Northey Street City Farm where Kristy gave us a tour and run down of all the things happening at the inner city farm.


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