Why social enterprise?

I’m preparing for a talk I’m giving this weekend titled “Why Social Enterprise”, and was going through some of my books looking for quotes / inspiration. I came accross this:

“Why? Because a critical mass of people throughout the world has responded to the compelling evidence of the failure of traditional institutions and systems to respond to ever increasing inequity in the way the planet’s resources and opportunities are shared and the rising environmental and health crises; and they have concluded there can be a different way of doing business: different starting points, different core purposes, a different attitude to profits and ownership; a different way of harnessing capital market models, incorporating traditional business tools and strategies to achieve a social bottom line; adding social value alongside the traditional financial value; adding creative capitalism to the suite of business options”

Cheryl Kernot, the Director of Social Business at the Centre for Social Impact
from the book Australian Stories of Social Enterprise publisehed 2011 UNSW


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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