Thatcher is dead. No cause for celebration.

Please, no eulogising of Thatcher. She and Reagan were two of the architects of the modern free market economy currently ruining society and the environment. Forced poverty by the right wing onto working people through the thoughts (and sometimes misreading) of Adam Smith, Hayek, and Friedman have created a world of misery for millions and inequity that is beyond belief. We are not a reserve labour army, we are humans with the same needs and wants as the owners of capital. It was the economic rationalism of Thatcher that pushed progressive thinking people like me to contribute to the redesign of the economy (admittedly one small step at a time, but we are strong and we are many). We do this so that the poor can be employed and enjoy a life with dignity, so that fairness and equity can be a lived experience. We have learnt from the free market how to employ their tactics of wealth creation through business in good and ethical ways to create social wealth using social enterprise as the means to address the needs of the poor. This new economy doesn’t come from the right wing, it comes from progressives looking at collective action and social solidarity. Something that sadly Thatcher only worked to destroy. So, please, no eulogising of Thatcher.


About stevewilliams1901

Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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