Pitching your enterprise

Last week I went to pitch the idea of social enterprise to a Project Director of a very large development firm (we are talking a multi billion business) who has swathes of land under development all within an hours travel of my office.

My style of pitching is always relational; how can I build a relationship between myself and the person I’m pitching to? This comes to telling the person about myself (don’t be too self indulgent here – you’re not on a date, but you do want to share your expertise); where are the commonalities between myself / my enterprise / the person or business I’m pitching to (what are your shared values?); what exactly am I offering (what is the benefit / solution to the person or business)?

I usually take an Ipad to a pitch (we could even call them coffee meetings) with a short, under 2 minute video that visually tells the story of my enterprise (SEED PPM) and I talk to that video, I dont just sit back there and let it play. In the case above, the video was only 10 seconds in when the Project Director stopped me and called in a colleague, a fellow Director. These guys watched the video and listened to my pitch, and then explained to me that they are both ‘altruistic’ and had been looking for something like this for a while.

I had already known that I could present them with a solution to a problem as I had properly researched their business and their needs. So, we are now in a very good position. The Directors need to create employment for long term unemployed local people most likely to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility policies, for good public relations, and of course at an individual level, for altruism. And, I need projects to complete to be able to employ long term unemployed people, the projects at these developments match exactly the type of work we need. Win / Win.

I’ll keep posting here with the continuing story of this relationship.


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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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One Response to Pitching your enterprise

  1. Pitching an idea or a business is no easy task! You’re very smart for doing your research in advance and tailoring the pitch to your audience. I’ve found this to make a huge difference in the success of the pitch.

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