Left? Right? Or a hybrid mix? What’s next for the economy, and how?

Written in 2009 not long after the GFC reared its ugly head, Eric Hobsbawm’s piece on a new economy still stands today, and asks ‘what next?’:

Impotence … faces both those who believe in what amounts to a pure, stateless, market capitalism, a sort of international bourgeois anarchism, and those who believe in a planned socialism uncontaminated by private profit-seeking. Both are bankrupt. The future, like the present and the past, belongs to mixed economies in which public and private are braided together in one way or another.

Could social enterprise and the social entrepreneurs that lead them be the saviors of the new economy? I think so. I hope I am representative of the new breed of entrepreneur; social entrepreneurs, and I know that my profit motive exists so that my businesses may flourish in order to distribute wealth and opportunity, to be part of a mixed economy that does more good than harm.

Eric Hobsbawm on the ideological future of the economy.



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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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