Why You Should Start a Social Enterprise

We are inspired daily by a new crop of business leaders who, no longer content with the profit-above-all business model, seek to change the world with mission-driven businesses.  These social entrepreneurs are creating businesses that are profitable because of the social good that they contribute to the world.  They recognize their corporate responsibility by minimizing negative impacts on the local community and global environment and by paying living wages and benefits to their employees.

The social enterprise functions in the economy as a profit-making entity, yet its reason for existence – its mission – is driven by solving a social problem.

Social enterprises run the gamut from companies like Patagonia – the first California Benefit Corporation, which is as driven by its environmental mission as it is by creating the best outdoor gear for its customers – to nonprofits like REDF – a venture philanthropy organization that creates jobs and…

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Social entrepreneur based in Australia.
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